Who Controls Water, Controls Maui’s Future

Water, the life blood of Maui, is a sacred public trust embedded in our Hawaii State Constitution.  Corporate Democrats have voted to give this vital resource to a foreign nation’s pension plan.  The voting records on water rights by four House Representative incumbents heightens the need to replace Troy Hashimoto, Kyle Yamashita, and Justin Woodson.  These three voted “Yes” to endorse and enact bills nicknamed after their devastating community impact.  Lynn Decoite abstained on one and voted yes on another bill.
  • HB 1326:  The water theft bill
  • HB 2677:  The water give-away bill
  • HB 2828:  The water banking bill

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Hawaii Water Bills and our State Legislators ~

The introduction by Lucienne de Naie and Clare Apana illustrates the frustration of dealing with these entrenched politicians, the devastating impact to our community and the boon to big money offshore interests.

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Maui County Councilmembers:  Would you support the county asserting eminent Domain, over the EMI system, in order to administer the public trust water resource for the food security necessities of our community?

State House Representatives:   Do you see a necessity for full financial disclosure and transparency for members of the Board Of Land and Natural Resources who effectively make decisions involving hundreds of millions of dollars of “natural resources”, often for the benefit of private business interests, but who work as unpaid “volunteers” for the state? If so, and if elected, what would you do bring about this needed change?

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