To the Editor,

Maui County Council impacts our access to fresh water, affordable housing, and beach parking.  Pace of tourism growth and luxury development, food dependence and allowable toxic spraying are county decisions.

A Hawaiian who loves the Aina named Carol Lee Kamekona with her history of charitable work is running against Tasha Kama.  Kama deceived key people and pretended to be an Ohana, Pono and Sierra Club values candidate.

Kama then voted to keep Pat Wong as Corporation Counsel despite testimony that he bullied women.  A month later he was arrested for beating up his girlfriend.

Kama voted in favor of polluting our ocean by allowing Maui County to continue violating the EPA with injection wells.   She again voted to let the Mayor overrule a Council majority.  This costs the county millions in legal fees.  National media attention gives Maui a bad reputation as Mayor Victorino helps the Trump administration gut the Clean Water Act in the Supreme Court.  Kama’s vote allowed this disaster.

Kama is ineffective as Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee as none of the mere 395 affordable units approved in her two years have begun construction.  She introduced no new public housing.  Even more damaging, she voted against affordable housing when she voted against the Charter Amendment to keep the Affordable Housing Set Aside Mandate from expiring.  That is Kama’s gift to big money corporate developers.

Please donate and vote for Carol Lee Kamekona if you love Maui.

–Chandrika McLaughlin

Letter to the Editor of the Maui News