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Events and Training

Event Support • Pot Luck Meet and Greet • Training for Activist • Nurturing Volunteers

Community Networking

Voter Registration/Tabling • Canvassing • Phone Bank • Cross Culture

Media Committee

Social Media • Writers and Bloggers • Camera Support • Video Editing • Graphic Design

Fund Raising

Internet Fundraising • Personal Fundraising Connections • Grants

TV Show

Interviews with Local Grassroots Organizations • Distribution of Weekly Show


Meme Contest

Meme Contest:  Share your Love for Maui and enter for a chance to win one of many fantastic prizes.

Show how you care about the future of Maui; helping us bring attention to the local issues that concern you and rally our ‘Ohana to collaboratively realize pono solutions.

Contestants must design a meme highlighting Maui issues and solutions. (refer to MauiPonoNetwork.org “Hot Issues”). Prizes will be awarded for humor, wit, creative approaches to issues/solutions, and popularity.

Grand prizes will be awarded based on highest combined activity on both sites to date on Oct 1st. It is up to contestants to share and boost activity of their own submissions to increase their chance of winning.

Qualifying Memes will be selected and posted to Maui Pono Network Facebook and Instagram pages on a daily basis.


Meme creation/submission guidelines:

*To enter, contestants must Like Maui Pono Network Facebook Page &/or follow on Instagram.

*Meme content must be pono and unique from any previously submitted to qualify.

*Use standard meme format (easily done using meme Generator such as https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

*Move bottom text up from bottom edge of image making sure to leave space for Pono banner

*Right click and save image file to computer as .jpg or .png, rename file with meme title and your first initial and last name.

*Email meme file to info@mauipononetwork.org with MEME and your meme file name in the subject line. Include personal Facebook profile &/or Instagram handle to be tagged with posting.

*Watch for your submission to be posted and share to your Ohana and favorite groups/pages to boost its activity and win.  (Fantastic prizes to be announced soon.)

Online Voter Registration & Absentee Registration

Register to Vote




November 6th


September 21st

Deadline to mail ballots to overseas voters

October 9th

Last day to register to vote for the General Election with the Clerk’s Office

NOTE: Voters are eligible for late registration for the General Election at either an early walk-in voting location or an election day polling place

October 23rd

Early walk-in locations open
Open early walk-in voting locations and late registration for the General Election

November 3rd

Early walk-in voting ends
Close early walk-in voting locations and late registration for the General Election

≈≈≈   November 6th   ≈≈≈
7:00 am – 6:00 pm

General Election

*Remember to Vote for all 9 Maui Council Candidates