The Maui Pono Network is volunteer based, not big money based. By working together, we can determine a bright future for the ‘aina and community… we become a force for uplifting change.

An important goal of this organization is to make your volunteer experience fun, engaging and fulfilling.  What listed committee suits you?

Letters to the Editor

Write letters about important issues or candidates in the 2020 county elections ~

Presently 3 Maui County papers are accepting letters. Keep your word count under 250. When e-mailing, make sure you include your name, community, and phone number where you can be contacted in case there is a question regarding your submission.

Maui News

Submit one letter every 2 weeks –  250 word max

Best to use their portal to submit


Molokai Dispatch

It is a weekly that will probably allow each of us a single letter.



Lahaina News

Submit one every 2 weeks – 250-word max.

https://www.lahainanews.com/    Eric Anderson — lahnews@maui.net

Let Your voice be heard, help create a bright future for the people and ‘Aina!

Distribute Fliers

Drop fliers off on doorsteps in your neighborhood or town.  Need walking shoes.  2-4 hours.

October 5-9 

Main MPN flier distribution throughout the island

Ways to Help

Sign Waving

Have fun, come together and support the Ohana Candidates ~ every Friday, 4-6 pm.

  • October 23 & 30  meet us at Ka’ahumanu/Kahului Beach Road (Kahului/Wailuku) near the Shell station.

Locations are subject to change – call/text Ann at (808)250-2280 to confirm this week’s location or for more information.

Share Candidate Cards

Ohana Candidate Card Pick-up and Distribution Locations

PAIA:  Mandala Creations

29 Baldwin Ave, Paia


11-4, 7 days/wk

MAKAWAO:  Maui Mana

opposite Casanova’s Makawao


10-5, 7 days/wk

KAHULUI:  Maui Pack and Ship

415 Dairy Rd, ste E, Kahului


8-6,  M-F, 10-3 Sat

WAILUKU:  Antique Freak

139 N Market St, Wailuku


11-5, mon-sat

KIHEI:  Maui Mana

Aloha Market (by park) 1794 S Kihei Rd, Kihei


10-5, mon-sat

Make Phone Calls

Call voters using a provided script and phone numbers.  Volunteer from home, training and support provided.  Need phone, computer, internet.  2-4 hours.

Join a Committee

We will be conducting all meetings in cyberspace until community meetings are no longer restricted.


Media Committee

Social Media • Writers and Bloggers • Camera Support • Video Editing • Graphic Design

Fund Raising

Internet Fundraising • Personal Fundraising Connections • Grants

Volunteer Support

Training for Actvists • Nurturing Volunteers

Community Networking

Voter Registration/Tabling • Canvassing • Sign Waving • Cross Culture

Phone Banks

Supervisors • Callers • Coaches

Research Committee

  Community Issues and Potential Resolutions

Please share any special interests, skills, or hours per week you agree to dedicate; and phone number or best way to reach you. Mahalo!

Online Voter Registration & Absentee Registration

The reset button for our island community has been pushed. Together we can create a bright future for Maui County by empowering representatives who serve the ‘Aina and People instead of big money interests. Any support will go a long way in electing the 12 Ohana candidates for 2020.


Make a donation

Up to $1,000 per person/per election cycle