The Maui Pono Network is volunteer based, not big money based. By working together, we can determine a bright future for the Aina and community… we become a force for uplifting change.

An important goal of this organization is to make your volunteer experience fun, engaging and fulfilling. What listed committee suits you?

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We will be conducting all meetings in cyberspace until community meetings are no longer restricted.


Media Committee

Social Media • Writers and Bloggers • Camera Support • Video Editing • Graphic Design

Fund Raising

Internet Fundraising • Personal Fundraising Connections • Grants

Volunteer Support

Training for Actvists • Nurturing Volunteers

Community Networking

Voter Registration/Tabling • Canvassing • Phone Bank • Cross Culture

Phone Banks

Supervisors • Callers • Coaches

Research Committee

  Community Issues and Potential Resolutions





Online Voter Registration & Absentee Registration

The reset button for our island community has been pushed. Together we can create a bright future for Maui County by empowering representatives who serve the ‘Aina and People instead of big money interests. Any support will go a long way in electing the 12 Ohana candidates for 2020.


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