Gabe Johnson was first in the August primary against his two opponents for the Lanai seat. There is a reason he received the most votes.


Since 2016, he has been putting in time and effort to win this seat. Each election cycle, his percentage of votes increases. He campaigns hard to get his name and his principles out before the people. People know they can trust Gabe to make decisions to benefit them.

Before COVID-19, he walked neighborhoods and met people at their doorstep. He jokes he wore out a couple pairs of shoes in 2018. He has patiently and steadfastly waited for the Hokama era to end so he could win this seat.

Why he is first now is because of his commitment to serve his community and island by representing working families, not special interests.

Among his endorsements are the AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club. His principles reflect these important organizations. He wants to protect Maui’s declining natural resources and create jobs that don’t harm those resources.

Gabe supports fair wages for fair work and supports the increase of the minimum wage to $15. He works hard as a farmer everyday growing food for people on Lanai. He advocates for self -sustaining systems in agriculture and renewable energy.

He knows his agenda for Maui is very different than his predecessor or his opponent. He does not have the support of billionaire Larry Ellison for starters. Gabe stands for common sense for the common good and deserves your vote.

Sierra Knight


September 26, 2020