So all the past mayors from Lingle to the present Mayor – Victorino are against the county manager position – a position that would take all politics out of appointing department heads each time we get another mayor. So let’s look at the administrations and the folly of the old way. Kimo Apana stated he would just appoint whoever. Arakawa appointed his campaign manager – who had no skillset and ended up quitting due to drunk driving charges. Charmaine appointed her Council office manager and best friend. Then Arakawa wins again and his administration demands department heads donate for his re-election bid. Oh, by the way – all, including all the department heads, are replaced again. It’s a roller coaster of political friends, family and people with political influence every 4 to 8 years.
So why don’t they want it to stop? The Mayoral position is the golden ring, with money, friends and influence that is totally behind the scenes – and we pay for it. Of course Victorino doesn’t want it to end – he would just be a simple citizen serving the people of Maui County instead of the person handing out the favors.
The County Manager position may save up to 15% of our county’s cost in waste reduction – and it would allow the people working in county government to have long term bosses that are not political appointees. It’s a win-win. Don’t be fooled. All seven of the amendments have very good reasons to vote yes – please vote yes with other well informed Maui voters.
Sean Lester