All Ohana County Candidates have made it to the General Election.

Highlights: Tasha Kama was victorious over the sitting mayor, Alan Arikawa. This is a big statement by the community that the old boy network is on its way out. Also Tamara Paltin got 45% of the vote and her nearest opponent got 17%. Elle is in to the next round.

A Mixed Bag for the State Races

Tina Wildberger got 55% of the vote with Don Couch getting 38% for house district 11. Josh Green has the Democrat nomination for Lieutenant Governor. 
The race between Terez Amato and Roz Baker came down to 89 votes or 45 swing votes. Despite Roz Baker’s record she is in to the final round. It illustrates how everyone’s participation in this voting process counts. Also, Tiare Lawrence came close missing by 254 votes and Michael Tengan gained valuable experience as a first time candidate.

Voter Turnout

Only 39% of registered voters participated in the Primary, which is actually an improvement. Based on history 60% will participate in the General election. There are also about 30,000 eligible unregistered potential voters. Please encourage others to participate, registration and mail in ballot links are at

Next Steps

Thank you to the 62 poll attendees on Aug 11. Many braved the sun to encourage the Ohana Candidate vote.  The next phase is underway. The General Election on November 6 draws near. There will be a candidate forum at the Ha’iku Community Center this coming Wednesday, August 22, from 6:30 to 8 pm.
We will be starting up committee activity soon. Announcements of schedules will go out next week.
Paul Deslauriers