Aja Eyre

for Maui County Council ~ Makawao



Aja Eyre for Maui County Council ~ representing Haʻikū, Pāʻia, and Makawao.


“I feel obliged as a Maui County citizen, as a mother and auntie of many children who want to have a future on our islands, and as an advocate for disadvantaged youth and families to stand up and seek serious change in the way we do business as a county.

Where does our nearly $1 billion county budget go? How do we as a county have the HIGHEST PER CAPITA tourism rate* in the country (3rd Highest in the WORLD!) and still have some of the roughest roads, the least paid (compared to cost of living) essential workers, healthcare workers, and educators, the most dilapidated county buildings, parks, and recreation facilities, and the least funded medical and health facilities and programs in the country? Why are our small businesses struggling and overtaxed while off-island corporations enjoy most of the profits? Why do our children feel there is no economically viable future for them here? Why is there such a lack of affordable housing? How do we continue to pollute our coastal waters, mismanage our streams, and allow our natural environment to be degraded irreparably?

We have seriously mismanaged our funds and our assets in this county for too long. Do you want to just vote for the same councilmember year after year, yet expect and hope for things to get better for you and your future? Through this pandemic, we have hoped that our local leaders would perpetuate strong, data-backed messages and lead our island through this turbulent time, but we have been left to try to decipher from their messages how to shore up our businesses, how to survive financially, how to protect our environment and safeguard our natural resources, and how to keep ourselves and our ‘ohana healthy and safe.

We have exceptionally talented and intelligent people working for our county, in our businesses, and in our wonderful county-based nonprofits, and I hear them when they say they want to make improvements but feel held back. I would like to be that loud voice on the council that amplifies the good ideas and quest for improvement from the people who know best. I want us to change from the county who struggles to improve to the county that is a statewide and eventually nationwide leader in how local government can benefit its citizens and make big, positive change!

Please explore this site and take a look at my platform of ideas and plans for our county. I have the education, the work ethic, and the gumption to get this done. I am an advocate for those who need it, and I am a passionate fighter for the causes that matter. I would be honored to represent my Makawao, Hai’kū and Pā’ia community. I would love to talk with as many voters in person as I can, so please reach out. I am in no ones’ pocket, and have no hidden agenda. I want to be someone of whom you say, “She works hard, she never gives up, and Maui County has never been better! ” Why not give something new a try? Join us!”