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Up to $1,000 per person/per election cycle

Help Us Elect a Majority of Progressives in Maui County

The Maui Pono Network completed a rigorous investigation of County Council and State Representative for Maui County seats, all posted on Objectively check out why certain progressive candidates stand out and their selection as Ohana Candidates. Any donation will go a long way in supporting our actions.

 By electing a majority of progressive in our county office we can assure a bright future beyond the haze of our present uncertainties. Supporting a slate of well-vetted progressive candidates facilitates a collective, cost/effective strategy for all the 12 Ohana Candidates in 2020. This practical approach to systemic change attracted over 200 volunteers in 2018 and we are gearing up for a similar effort. Volunteer by registering at our web site and select a committee that suits you. Monies will go toward the following initiatives, there are no salaries or other expenses involved.

Where Does Your Donation Go?

Banners: Producing 200 that promote the Ohana Candidates. Distribute and set up throughout the county.

Post Card Handouts: 20,000 cards for Primary and 20,000 General. Primary Cards includes the 5 State Representatives we are supporting and the General will have a report card of County Council.

Card Distribution Centers: Production of 40 display cases for local stores and the distribution and maintenance of these outlets.

Social Media: We will utilize the Progressive network and will also purchase boosts for media and develop memes.

Phone Banks: Purchase phone lists for land and cell lines, text messages, robo calls, phone bank training and, auto dialers.

Mailings: Targeted neighborhood mailings for Ohana Candidates

Video editing: Interviews for Web, social media and AKAKU

County Wide Progressive Network: The web site will have a directory that includes: Food Production, Water Rights, Sovereignty, Social Services, Affordable Housing, Environmental Causes.

Radio: ads and half hour debates.

Web Development: for and

Community Event: with bands and Ohana Candidates event for possibly October if all restrictions are lifted.

Please Donate to the Election of all Maui Ohana Candidates

    The Maui Pono Network’s financial structure is determined by the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission because of our direct involvement with candidates. As a Standard PAC (not a SuperPAC) we are limited to receiving no more than $1,000 donation per election cycle per person. For example we can receive a total of $2,000, with $1,000 received before the primary and the second $1,000 after the Primary. Please consider becoming a Seed Donor by contributing $1,000 now before August 8th for primary election cycle and another $1,000 after August 8th for the general election cycle.

    Send checks to the Maui Pono Network, PO Box 606, Makawao, HI 96768

    Mahalo for your support
    Paul Deslauriers
    Director of Maui Pono Network

    The reset button for our island community has been pushed. Together we can create a bright future for Maui County by empowering representatives who serve the ‘Aina and People instead of big money interests. Any support will go a long way in electing the 12 Ohana candidates for 2020.


    Make a donation

    Up to $1,000 per person/per election cycle