The Maui Pono Network is a grassroots organization of volunteers, dedicated to eliminating major blocks to affordable housing, raising the minimum wage, sustainable development, producing abundant nutritious food, and reclaiming and restoring the land. Join us


Implement a vigorous interview process to select the best Ohana Candidates, who serve the Aina and the people.   We enthusiastically promote the Maui County Candidates we are endorsing.

Provide a range of direct support to the Ohana Candidates, subject to community gathering restrictions, including workshops, coaching, promotion events, canvassing, social media, sign waving, meet and greets, video, TV and flyers.

Educate the Community about hot issues affecting Maui County and what the Ohana Candidates can do to resolve them.

Amplify financial donations to the candidates through volunteers and an effective strategy of grassroots organizing and implementation.

About The Maui Pono Network

The Maui Pono Network is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the people and the ‘Āina of Maui County.  The upcoming 2020 county elections are critical for our future as we transition from a plantation framework; at stake are large tracks of land, water distribution and if residents can afford to stay here.  Now is the time to elect representatives who serve Maui Values.

By removing government representatives who serve big money offshore interests, we will eliminate major blocks to affordable housing, raising the minimum wage, sustainable development, producing abundant nutritious food, and reclaiming and restoring the land. The Maui Pono Network is dedicated to this transition.

The Maui Pono Network filed on 6/10/18 with the State of Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission as a standard Noncandidate Committee, also called a PAC (Political Action Committee). This means we must abide by PAC rules when it involves candidates, donations and expenditures




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Candidate Support

  1. As a standard PAC, the Maui Pono Network has full access to candidates and can work with them to develop their campaigns, there is no limitation for volunteer support and that is the major focus for our organization. There is a spending cap.
  2. The Maui Pono Network can donate to our Ohana Candidates a maximum of $2,000 per election cycle. For example we can donate $4,000 to the mayoral race as it is a 4 year term. Also state wide races like Governor is $6,000. Collectively for our slate of candidates we can donate $38,000 in total to candidates; this includes in-kind donations, but does not include volunteer time.
  3. In-kind donations would come from professionals donating their time in the service that they presently are paid for. Example, having a professional presentation trainer work with candidates on presentation skills is an in-kind donation. Non- professional volunteers, who don’t presently earn money at the service they are providing, are not considered in-kind donations and have no restrictions.
  4. Our work that focuses on platform issues like affordable housing, water rights, island carrying capacity …. These activities are not focused on electing a candidate and are not part of the PAC accounting. There are no funding or donation restrictions from the Campaign Spending Commission and that is why we have a separate Maui Pono Network accounting system.
  5. Advertisements for candidates is considered an independent expenditure if we do not coordinate with them. Social media and internet activities are not part of PAC reporting and restrictions as long as we do not use material derived from them or get their approval or discuss the promotion with them.

SuperPAC Relations

  1. The Maui Pono Network is not a Super PAC. As a regular PAC, Pono may coordinate with candidates, but is subject to certain donation and spending limitations.
  2. SAFE, Sustainable Action Fund for the Environment, is a SuperPAC and can not coordinate with candidates, but as a SuperPAC SAFE can receive and spend unlimited amounts of money.
  3. There are two Super PACs that are supporting the Ohana Candidates and we are not allowed to coordinate with them.
  4. We, as an organization, cannot handout SAFE Ohana Candidate cards or have Maui Pono Network’s name on their cards.

Donation Policy

  1. As a PAC we can only receive per donor a maximum of $1,000 for primary and $1,000 for general election for this 2018 election cycle.
  2. We are a grassroots volunteer organization and a little money can go very far with volunteer support.
  3. The donation button on our web site will have a $1,000 limit for primary and $1000 for general election and will go to PAC activities.
  4. Donations are prohibited from anonymous sources, or from county or state contactor whose name is on the contract. Also prohibited are donations from foreign nationals or foreign corporations. However donations from Foreign nationals with a green card are allowed.
  5. These PAC activities go directly to supporting the election of Ohana Candidates. This includes training support, social media, printing materials, staging events, and the administrative costs to coordinate volunteers who are supporting candidates.
  6. Activities that are not part of “influencing the vote” will have a separate accounting system.
  7. All cash donations must be first deposited into the PAC bank account and then allocated from the PAC bank account.
  8. After the election, November 5, 2018 these restrictions still apply until we terminate the PAC.


Reporting Policy

  1. Whenever a donation is received more than $25 we must document this on the Campaign Spending Report with the name and address of the donor. For donations more than $100 we need to report name, address, employer, profession, amount and when received and deposited. The aggregate collection of funds at an event needs to be reported within 10 days of the event. Reception of personal or business donations must be documented within 10 days.
  2. Donation of $25 or less are required to record the name of the donor. Fundraisers that involve a ticket price less than $25 is not required to report those individuals to the Elections Commission.
  3. Primary elections reports are due August 1 and a final on August 31, also the general election reports are due on October 1 and December 6. Until we terminate we need to file even if there are no contributions or expenditures.
  4. We need to report pending payments if billing is delayed after receiving the item.
  5. Bookkeeping to include ongoing updates on the Campaign Spending Commission website that includes donations and candidate expenditures.
  6. Maui Pono Network needs to keep records for 5 years.


Expenditures Policy

There are 3 types of spending:

  1. Expenditures to influence the vote that is coordinated with candidates must be reported as coordinated expenditures. These would include candidate meet and greets, events where candidates are invited to attend, advertising that includes candidate own materials, and any expense that is done with any coordination with candidates. Not included is any volunteer efforts or non-paid internet efforts. All coordinated expenditures must be reported as in-kind donations to candidates. If the coordinated expenditures is for the benefit of all 15 Ohana Candidates, then 1/15th of the expenditures is credited to each of the 15 candidates.  If the coordinated expenditure is for the benefit of only one candidate, then the full expenditure is credited to that one candidate. Pono is limited to donating a maximum of $2000 to 2 year seats, that is county council and state rep candidates, and a maximum of $4000 to 4 year seats, that is mayoral and state senate candidates for this election cycle.
  2. Expenditures to influence the vote that is not coordinated with candidates must be reported as non-coordinated expenditures. This includes any advertisement or postcard that does not include photos or materials used by any candidate and is not authorized by or coordinate in any way with any candidate, labor passing out these postcards, and other non-coordinated expenditures. Not included is any volunteer efforts or non-paid internet efforts.  There are no limits to these non-coordinated expenditures.
  3. Expenditures that are not related to “influencing the vote” in any way do not need to be reported to the Campaign Spending Commission. These non-related expenditures must be spent from the regular Maui Pono Network, LLC account and not from the Maui Pono Network PAC account.  These may include voter registration expenses, ordinary operational expenses of the organization, and expenses related to non-candidate issues.


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