The Maui Pono Network

The Maui Pono Network is dedicated to supporting initiatives and candidates who serve the People and ‘Aina, instead of big money interests. 

Who will you empower to govern our community in this post-pandemic era?

Check out the 28 interviews of Maui County Candidates posted and see why a panel of respected local progressive leaders chose the ‘Ohana Candidates.

Help elect the 2020 ‘Ohana Candidates who will support you, your family and community. Volunteer or donate to create a bright future during this community reset.


Have fun, come together and support the Ohana Candidates ~ every Friday, 4-6 pm at announced locations.

For this week’s location  contact Paul:  (808) 264-3536 

'Ohana Candidates: Maui County Councilmembers

Aja Eyre



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Gabe Johnson



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Carol Lee Kamekona



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Kelley King

 South Maui


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Tamara Paltin

 West Maui


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Shane Sinenci

 East Maui 


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Maui 'Ohana Candidates: State Representatives

Angus McKelvey

State Rep.

District 10

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Tina Wildberger

State Rep.

District 11

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November 3rd




* Remember to vote for all 7 endorsed County Council Members.  All voters can for for candidates in all council Districts, regardless of where you live in Maui County!

Voters begin to receive General Election mail ballot packet:
Oct 14

Ohana Candidate Card Pick-up and Distribution Locations




PAIA:  Mandala Creations

29 Baldwin Ave, Paia


11-4, 7 days/wk


MAKAWAO:  Maui Mana

 opposite Casanova’s Makawao


10-5, 7 days/wk


KAHULUI:  Maui Pack and Ship

415 Dairy Rd, ste E, Kahului


8-6,  M-F, 10-3 Sat


WAILUKU:  Antique Freak

139 N Market St, Wailuku


11-5, mon-sat


KIHEI:  Maui Mana

Aloha Market (by park) 1794 S Kihei Rd, Kihei


10-5, mon-sat