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A Resounding Progressive Victory in Maui County’s 2020 Elections!

Our Maui community stopped an attempted coup of our local governance by big money, out of county, Corporate Super PACS who spent $430,000 in Maui County’s general election. They endorsed and promoted the exact opposite of the Maui Pono Network.

Voters selected 14 of the 16 candidates and charter amendments the Maui Pono Network supported. Our budget was $10,000 for the general election, 1/43rd the opposition. (MPN also spent $10,000 on the Primary race).

Mahalo to all the volunteers, donors, and voters – YOU made this victory happen!

Post Election ~ Maui Pono Network Moving Forward

1. Progressive Liaison: The Maui Pono Network provides a staff to Interface between County Council Members on important issues, communicate among progressive organizations and inform the Maui County public on issues, testimonies and votes. Aja Eyre is Maui Pono Network’s representative.

2. A Communication Hub: Posts on web site of important issues using memes, videos and articles to inform the residents. Report card on important votes will be posted. A constant stream of truth is more powerful than big surges of propaganda. Check out go to news and blogs.

3. Build a Maui Progressive Network: Network Maui County organizations serving the people and the ‘Aina through building a directory of services and support available to residents. We will work more closely with the unions and support ethnic and church groups to work more collaboratively. Help create a voter file. Go to Directory tab at

4. Maui Candidate Development: Provide support to candidates running for Maui County office. Our manual lays out candidate process, timing, and the Maui Pono Network support. We will serve as a communication platform for candidates to increase name recognition and recruit new prospects. Ohana Candidates will be selected in June 2022.Interested candidates contact


5. Hawaii Progressives Support: Help set up Citizen’s Standard PACS in all Hawaiian counties. Work closely with the Kuleana Academy. Help write legislation addressing Super PACS and Standard PACS. Also, we will work with others to change the Democratic Party leadership in Hawaii. To participate contact

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Informing the Public and Supporting Local Issues and Governance

The Maui Pono Network is a grassroots volunteer organization fueled by local community support.

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